Tantra massage for women

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A safe place to heal the sexual and emotional issues we've been hesitating to face.

Tantra Massage for Women - Dublin, Ireland 

A Tantric Massage presents a beautiful safe

opportunity for a woman to truly relax & feel more deeply & fully into her feminine essence.

 So much bliss is waiting to be discovered within the heart.

A Tantra massage also offers the opportunity to experience real honesty, openness, intimacy & trust in a safe non-judgemental environment - a rare chance to share what's really going on emotionally without the usual fear of judgement, rejection or expectation.


Any physical or emotional issue or symptom we have is not actually the big 'problem' that we think it is but is actually a signpost to where upset or trauma has happened in the past & where healing & emotional release is needed.


This is the area where Tantric massage can really help.


To feel the bliss of conscious touch with absolutely no agenda or need to respond or ' give back ' is a rare and beautiful experience.

We all have actually been longing for this experience.

This is, of course, all entirely on your terms--So before the massage begins  its important that we discuss your intention for a session and agree all the boundaries so that you can completely relax.

I am based in Dublin, Ireland and if you feel that it would help at all I would be very happy to receive a phone call or to meet up to discuss anything regarding this process.

Some testimonials I have gratefully received ...

"I felt instantly at peace in his presence and found him to be both open and honest, while not holding himself up to be some sort of Guru. This is important as this type of work is much more a collaboration between the facilitator and the client."

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"After researching a bit and meeting you in person, immediately I knew that you were the right soul for this experience.​ When we met for the actual session, I wasn't anxious anymore as you made me feel totally at ease, reassuring me and I felt there was no danger or awkwardness at all."

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