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The massage takes place in a very tranquil candle lit atmosphere with beautiful sensual warm oils.  

The calm setting provides a very rare and precious time to feel the innocence of the senses outside of the typical 'sexual' context with all the expectations that we may have become used to. 

All boundaries are clearly discussed before the session commences  and of course fully respected.


You do not need to bring anything with you as everything is provided.

My professional trainings include: ​
  • Pelvic Heart Integration​ ( Sexual healing ) various trainings with Deborah Anapol

  • Diana Richardson's 'Making Love' Training

  • Loving Relationships Training (LRT) with Sondra Ray ​

  • Tantra Whole Body Orgasm Training with Andrew Barnes

  • Tantric Body De-Armouring with Andrew Barnes

  • Sexual de armouring with Susanne Roursgaard

  • ISTA Level One, Berlin​

  • Various trainings with Robert and Marta of Celtic Tantra

  • Many years learning Breathwork and relationship healing as part of -

  • The Loving Relationships Training with Patsy Brennan​

  • Years of Re-bIrthing trainings also with Patsy Brennan

  •  Reike ( Level 2)

  • At University even my degree was in Human Relations..!


I have contributed articles to Positive Life Magazine which you can read below by clicking on the titles:

It's difficult to put into a few words why i chose to learn Tantra but first I'd like to say that during my life and my relationships deep down inside I knew that I needed some sexual healing ... it's not easy to admit that, especially on a public website, but truly the purpose of my journey was to heal myself and in so doing I've learned how to help others ...

I've realised that most of us have issues around our sexuality ... some more deep than others ...but it's amazing to be able to say that Tantra really does address these issues and delivers a beautiful, gentle healing to feelings & issues we thought were so deeply ingrained that we just have to accept as painful as they are.  

I know now through tantra that we don't have to resign ourselves to these painful issues and it is my privilege to offer this healing service to you.

10 years ago I was feeling heartbroken after painful interactions with someone i truly loved - I really wanted to finally get some understanding of this dynamic & over the past few years I have gained some amazing insights into what goes on between men & women. I have had the great privilege of training in & practicing Tantric Massage & learning ways to return our relationships to a more loving basis that is heart centered.

ALSO, for those who have no 'issues' and just want to discover and experience more of the blissful , unlimited potential of their sexual energy - when channeled consciously - Tantra  offers to teach the wisdom - first discovered thousands of years ago - which is completely focused on this topic.

Tantra is the art and  science of going deeper into and channeling sexual  energy into the divine and ecstatic healing power that it truly is.

Feel free to view my Holisto profile here.

What I offer

Mainly i deal with discovering and developing this potential ..and with issues relating to fears around intimacy & orgasm for women.

I also offer tantric support and healing to men as well who are struggling with issues around intimacy, orgasm and anxiety around performance...or who want to discover more about their potential as tantric sexual beings .

I have been blessed with so many heart felt intimate experiences.

My clients are usually ordinary women leading regular lives, holding it all together but knowing they have unresolved problems & hurts that need to be addressed-often in their relationships

 During the massage it's safe to share deep feelings that you might not feel safe to share even with your best friends & whilst experiencing the relief of simple honesty in this unique  environment - the trust & mutual vulnerability truly has such a profound effect on me too.

My heart is so deeply touched as secrets, hopes and fears are mutually shared in an atmosphere of absolute trust & innocence.

It's beautiful, it's profound, it's a privilege to be there as the Tantra massage does its beautiful healing.

Personally, I will never forget my first Tantric massage; ​it was one of the most profound and healing experiences of my whole life.

Such a joy to allow myself to relax, accept the loving touch and let the magic unfold - JUST FOR ME!

No expectations - No agenda - 

We're not going to be having sex. 

All boundaries will be openly discussed and agreed in advance.  

No pressure to 'perform' or take care of the other person -

All there is to do is relax, breathe and enjoy the senses -

No strings attached! 


I saw then that the  issues I had were the result of my bad experiences in childhood and also in my relationships ... i'm not really to blame..I was doing my best

( and so were my partners}

but i needed  help - which i had finally  found! 


I knew that I just had to learn this skill and share it with others who, like me, feel that in the areas of relationships and the heart there is so much more yet to be discovered.

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