I have been working as a professional bodyworker for 15 years and have to feel safe in my body & awareness when someone touches me . My nature is that i can be very critical but when i met Mick i immediately felt his openness , his natural ability to make me feel normal and relaxed while we discussed my personal issues with intimacy and boundaries . Mick is a highly skilled , intuitive and ethical professional therapist. He has a big heart for people & during our session he guided me to the safe place within myself that i had no idea i had - i could feel the 'moment' - the wide open state of the powerful NOW where there was no trace of fear or anxiety at all. The place where i felt connected to big sense of a big YES to being a woman with no worries about being intimate with another.

i discovered that i can receive without feeling guilty or obliged to give back. i experienced the source of love within myself and that from there i can take care of myself emotionally and i dont need to feel needy. The trust and safe feeling i have experienced in our sessions has helped me make big choices & now that i feel more love for myself i have discovered a new level of communications & joy with my partner. Now i feel i can grow & heal my past . BIG respect for this life changing work.


In Gratitude,



Its very rare in life that anyone can point to one single thing or person that made a tangible change in their life.

My personal experience however has been that Tantra with Mick has made that change.

Working with Mick has been working with the truth of myself--the Truth of my breath --my voice and my body.

It has been an exploration of what love means to me in terms of my own expression,movement and touch.

To be absolutely authentic, tohave the freedom to laugh,cry or roar is so beautiful.

Through the gentlest encouragement Mick allows me the space for self exploration and discovery .

The lasting and tangible affect on my life has been that i'm the happiest i've ever been, I have a depp confidence in my sexuality and i am attracting love into my heart.

Even further , i have found a wonderful partner and a beautiful new relationship.

i am deeply and lastingly grateful for this blessing of an experience.