Loving relationships

Loving relationships can create a space for our hearts to open, but we can often end up distant from the person we once loved so much. This is where the work begins, there's only one way forward - honest and deep communication!


There is SO much to be discovered in the sacred connection between lovers. Focus on the heart and into the breath and then feel the sexual energy turn into loving energy.

Help the man learn how to breathe deeply & circulate the energy through his whole body, taking the focus away from ejaculation into a more complete open and intimate connection with his partner .

Help the woman enjoy the blissful connection in the moment without the focus being on the journey to orgasm.  Instead focus more into the breath, the heart and the depth of connection in the moment. As a deeper more heart-felt connection is discovered in our love-making, a deeper love will grow between us.

This is the secret to MAKING Love! which often gets lost in longer term relationships.



Moving on, the art of separation


Usually, as we all know, when relationships have run their course the transition is painful. At this time, we need as much help as possible to process what we are feeling. It's often a very painful time and there is nothing for it - those feelings have to be felt and expressed. But as we know dumping them on our partner rarely helps! It's healthier to handle these feelings in a safe and focussed situation and more effective than what was going on in the 'Battle-field' of the relationship. It's a Battlefield because we keep reacting to each other as emotions get expressed, triggering each other's old un-resolved stuff, which usually ends up somewhat messy (sound familiar?)


Through the combined experience of Tantra Massage and breathwork, we can feel back into our past and release the 'old' pain that has been held maybe for years that's being triggered now. As we heal the past, we can then better understand the hurts that are happening now AND also  see the part we played in creating the 'Break -Up' ... Good learning for the future!

In your relationships:

  • Do you long to feel the Love that used to flow so freely ?  

  • Is there a barrier between you that you can't or wont remove ?

  • Is the communication difficult ?

  • Is the 'Love making' flowing the way you feel it could ?

Relationships can easily go from "Heart to Heart" to "Hurt to Hurt", let's get back to the Heart.