Cuddles & Hugs

Sometimes what a person needs is just to be held safely in loving arms, for more than just a few minutes!  This can be extremely nurturing & healing. Before entering into deeper healing, some sessions of hugs / snuggles /cuddles- fully clothed can really work wonders if you feel closed up, isolated & in need of Love or maybe you would just like to experience a gentle introduction to the world of Tantra. As with all aspects of Tantra all boundaries are agreed  & respected & the cuddles usually work best as a non-sexual experience.

A Tantra session, which is of course completely confidential, IS a safe place to 
discover and celebrate who we truly are when fear is removed.

This frees us up for more intimacy and happiness in our existing and future relationships.

Which might seem impossible in a difficult relationship (or the lack of a relationship), can often be quite easily fulfilled in a Tantra session, bringing huge benefit to an existing or future relationships. Tantra-TLC provides the opportunity to simply share what we are actually feeling in our personal and private space, because it IS a safe environment and because there is absolutley no judgement, only understanding, love, support and compassion.
In my experience, it's actually quite amazing how healing it is to experience simple, honest communication and expression . We are so used to protecting ourselves and our partners, that we often don't really admit to ourselves who we truly are, how we truly feel and what we truly long for in our life.

Although many of us are still happy in our committed relationship, things may not be as sparkling as they used to be, especially sexually. A Tantric massage offers an ideal environment to help us to open up about how this really feels and to get things flowing once again. We will continually attract in our lives whatever supports our deep emotional belief system. In order to make external changes we first need to clear the emotional blocks that are keeping us stuck in the past. We may be aware of some of these blocks but the question is how exactly to release  & become free from them . Tantra offers powerful techniques to release these old patterns that may have been running things for years but not really serving us!

Emotional Healing - Sacred spot massage

In all my years of working with various types of therapy, counselling and breathwork, I have never come across a more powerful technique to enable emotional release than the Sacred Spot Massage. As we swallow our shame, anger, hurt and other negative emotions, the energy has to go somewhere.


For women it accumulates in the Yoni, often creating numbness and issues with orgasm. For men it's in the anus in prostate area,where accumulated tension and armour creates issues with the feeling of emotion and orgasm.


A Sacred Spot Massage helps to release these emotional blocks, allowing you to melt into pure bliss. This very special massage is found to be the most intimate and healing of techniques in Tantra and can be included in your Tantra massage by request.

The term sacred spot massage refers to an external and internal massage of the vagina

Even now as adults, we still carry some of those early judgements with us and might still see our sexuality or nakedness as something to be hidden or slightly ashamed of. Men and women are all longing for the same true intimacy... to be touched and held physically, personally and emotionally in an atmosphere of complete and innocent, loving honesty. In my experience, it's women who are more in touch with this need and possibly need to educate the men!

A Tantra session offers the perfect place to discover and express these needs and learn how to apply them in our everyday lives.

“If your flame of awareness is burning bright, you will know that sex is not just sex. Sex is the outermost layer; deep inside is love, and even deeper is prayer, and deepest is God himself. Sex can become a cosmic experience; then it is tantra.” - Osho