Would You Love To Feel The Bliss Of A Sensual Full Body Massage?

Its usually women more than men who feel drawn to discover a 'higher', more conscious or heartfelt experience of our sexual energy. 
When this longing is felt, the Tantra massage will almost certainly open up a potential in the heart and the body that we may have glimpsed only occasionally in the past - offering the potential of  exquisite full-body orgasms, which bring real feelings of bliss and a deep union with the self. 
This deep union elevates our experience of life from the 'mundane' to a more rich and beautiful feeling inside that fulfils and satisfies the longing that we all have - to feel 'More'. 
ALSO..Most of us have emotional or sexual issues of some kind that won't seem to go away - maybe we have even tried counseling but 'Talking about the issue ' doesn't always seem to work . Our problems are stored in the body and need to be released through the body . 
Before commencing each massage, we can talk and ensure that we are really clear on your highest intention for the session and of course the agreed boundaries.

How Tantra Massage Can Help Heal Your Body Image

This aspect of Tantra is extremely important. Imagine how your body feels when you secretly dislike it and are ashamed of it.

Imagine the effects of that negative energy as it flows through you possibly creating dis-ease.

 We surely must change the messages we send to our body to more positive feelings.

It's such a gift to find a safe space to be more honest and gradually discover that your body is beautiful because it contains YOU !  .....YOU exactly as you are...fears and anxieties included. 

The body is not an object to be judged or compared to others'. 

It is a very beautiful gift that is designed perfectly to experience this life .

Through Tantra we can discover that the body has a wisdom and a sensitivity far beyond our thinking mind and that some of our so called 'symptoms' are actually the body telling us something very important. 

The time has come to get back to loving ourselves again and to unlearn some of the unhealthy judgements we may have learned along our way about our bodies. 

Remember that in reality, the people we compare ourselves to in magazines etc. don't even look like the photographs we see!