Dear Mick ,​


I want to say from my heart what a blessing it has been to work with you these past few months. I have searched high and low down all my life for a way to simply be at ease. You'd think that should be easy but it has always been a struggle. Now I think I have finally found my way! ​


So how did I get here? Well, I got to the point that I could no longer bear that I was not living this life to the fullest. I'd been intuitively drawn to Tantra for a long time as a healing path but the negative stereotyping around it scared me and held me back. What if I found myself in a situation that i found distasteful or shameful? ​


The thought was unbearable but eventually I decided to take a step, telling myself that​ I could always bolt and run within two seconds if I didn't feel right.​


Having that get-out clause helped me to take my first steps into Tantra workshops. ​

I am shy, self - conscious, extremely private, had a very sheltered upbringing and work in a very conservative profession. I surely would be an oddity at these events I thought, but I was blown away to discover that everyone shared the same fears and vulnerabilities beneath the surface no matter how confident, successful or sorted they appeared to be.


This has been one of the most important things I've ever learned in my life and has put my own pain into perspective. A few workshops later, I realised that I needed regular practice to keep opening and deepening and by some grace of existence I found myself, one day, sitting with you Mick and I knew I had found the guide I needed and exactly the work I was ready for next.


You create and hold a very warm and safe space. Your integrity, your quiet confidence, your belief in this work, your open heart, your ability to create and hold sacred space with grace and ease for all that comes up, whether it's tears, fears, laughter or joy is just beautiful. I have felt supported and safe no matter how strong the emotional storms were that arose for me.


Knowing and trusting that I was in safe, steady, capable hands helped me to release layer after layer of stuff that no longer served me. This has changed my life.​ It has been a beautiful journey Mick, I am so grateful. I wish you every blessing in your work and sincere and heartfelt courage to those of you seeking to take that first step.


In gratitude & love,