Most of us have varying degrees of unresolved emotional and sexual issues that bother us  and need to be healed in a very safe, caring and intimate environment. We have possibly tried counseling but find that the process feels more like 'talking about ' the issue rather than 'healing' it.  

Many of us secretly have ' shame ' around our genitals and in Tantra we discover that our genitals and the pleasure they give us is actually sacred pure & innocent.

Over time ..our senses can become dulled ..and we seem to feel less ...this is due to a build up of body armour ..Tantra offers  release from this armour.

The problems we  have are buried deep in the body and it is through Tantric massage  that these must be released and healed. 

That is why we cant 'talk' or 'think' our way out of these issues & into healing.


It's important to remember that we are not directly responsible for the cause of any of this...the issues are there as a  result of unpleasant  or unhealthy past experiences or training of which we are the victim. 

So many of us experience orgasm issues .

Any physical or emotional symptom we have ( such as orgasm issues ) is not actually the big  'problem' that we think it is but is actually a signpost to where upset or trauma has happened & where emotional release is needed. 

This is where tantra is by far the best way forward for healing .

For women - usually the difficulty lies in surrendering to the pleasure and reaching that peak whereas for men the problem is more likely to  in controlling and delaying the orgasm . 


We all want to experience more ...and more is very possible ! 

On certain intimate topics, we may find it hard to truly open up with our partners, our close friends (or even sometimes with ourselves), especially if we have problems with self image / orgasms / performance anxiety etc. 

Tantra gently makes this healing possible.

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