March 24, 2014

Many people, perhaps from a longing to resolve certain issues or to find out what Tantra is all about and perhaps discover the untapped potential in their sexuality that they sense is there somewhere, have Googled 'Tantra Massage'. 


They have then found themselves on this site only to discover that as exciting , intriguing and interesting and healing as it all sounds, they experience anxiety or even fear at the prospect of moving forward and taking the next step...of actually further exploring and experiencing the powerful potential, that I know, Tantra offers.


On my site, I do suggest that one way to deal with this natural resistance is to meet up with me first in a cafe, to talk about it all and to see where you are with what is going on for you...then...if you feel that the timing is not right for you or that I am not the right person to help you on your path, then we just comfortably leave it at that. 


Another way to look at what's happening though, is to imagine that in a way, perhaps the session has already started, that the fear/anxiety that has arisen, is actually something you could do well to look at and perhaps understand and get to the bottom of. 


Firstly, you could ask yourself...

What exactly is this fear? Where is this fear coming from?

Is it something that you are now ready to deal with?

What is stopping you from moving forward with it? 

Can you do it on your own or do you need to find the right person to help you to work through it with?

Can you open yourself up to the possibility that you CAN get past this and find another way of living, of experiencing life without 'this fear', without 'your story' (believe me, we all have one, by the way!)...


In my experience, I tend to find in a lot of cases, the fear can stem from negative childhood conditioning around nudity or perhaps even from a form of abuse be it physical, sexual or mental; sometimes it's guilt around our sexuality, the fear of being judged, even though in most instances, we judge ourselves far more harshly than another person would.


Fear is an appropriate response when, for instance we are faced by a hungry tiger, whereas with Tantric Massage, it is I can assure you, one of the most beautiful , nurturing, healing experiences you can ever experience in your life.

So why the resistance?

OF course I do understand this as i felt it myself years ago when i first started my Tantric ' journey 'and I very much empathise & have encountered it many, many times since I first started helping people through Tantra. 

The old saying 'feel the fear but do it anyway' is a way therapists have suggested to recognise that we are NOT our fear...that we do actually have the power to choose freely what we think might be good, right or therapeutic for us, even as we recognise our core emotional resistance.


In order to truly grow and evolve, we do need to overcome our limitations and I have found that the secret to this is to learn how to recognise and manage our limiting emotions and not to be a slave to them. In fact, I think that it's our initial resistance to this process that can provide us with the exact clues as to those aspects of ourselves that Tantra can actually help us with...


I invite you to trust the more centred, growth orientated and adventurous part of yourself...and to take the next step, without pressure, without allow the healing that needs to take place to come up in a warm, heart-centred, gentle, safe, and trusting environment. I have many years of training and experience with Tantra and have encountered many women in particular, perhaps just like you, who have found it very difficult to take the next step forward...many of whom have already gone to councelling...many whom have learnt coping mechanisms that sometimes they are aware no longer serve them but don't know how to give them up for a better way.

Some want to attract new love into their lives but feel scarred by past relationships... others want to reignite the passion within themselves and/or their existing relationship.


Whatever the case may be, in a Tantra session, you may just find, that these fears will drop away and you will experience a blissful healing that brings a beautiful freedom and fulfilment to your life like no other. 

I simply ask you to think about open yourself up to the possibility of what may be...the next step is entirely up to you...







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