Tantra and Relationships

We all know that sense of panic & disappointment when the level of intimacy and love in a relationship starts to slowly ebb away - We find ourselves unable to maintain that precious super-close feeling with no idea of how to get it back!

I've learned that we can only work on ourselves - we cannot 'work' on our partner. However it is often very surprising how evolving and healing ourselves seems to change those around us!

It's so beautiful for me to be part of the healing process in this area of love, sex and relationships...and to know that It is  possible to remove the blocks and reconnect to the heart and re-awaken  true intimacy.

I know how it feels when there's just too much unexpressed stuff to say and you don't feel safe to even start communicating with your partner.

We possibly learned as children that its not  really safe to be totally open and honest .. a relationship will continually challenge us to be more authentic and  we will be  faced with our pattern  of hiding or diluting the truth,

A Tantra session offers a safe space to begin expressing this stuff.

Here you can discover what you REALLY feel and it's such a relief to simply get in touch with your truth that you might not usually feel safe to express or even feel clear on what you really want to say !


The gentle touch of a Tantra massage awakens us to depths of feeling within ourselves that we had forgotten about and - if you want to - reaching out to your partner from this newly rediscovered more heartfelt clear space allows the chance of connection again.


The true honest Intimacy of a relationship opens up SO much potential for love / communion / self-discovery but any emotional issues we have will surely come to the surface and we often blame our partner for these upsets.

Usually these upsets are a consequence of old unresolved 'hurts' within ourselves, which have actually just been 'triggered' by our partner, not 'caused' by them.

There's only one way forward & that is heartfelt radical honesty--but first lets get really clear on what you want to express to your partner..

what's your stuff ?

what's your partner's ?

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