• Having recently experienced a remarkable tantra session with Mick, I can honestly say that I have no doubt he has a very special gift to share. He is comfortable within himself and as you settle down to commence the session, a sense of peace and healing surrounds you.


He encouraged me to engage in breathwork while he gently massaged me. This enabled me to trust in a somewhat simple process, which then produced such a profound and unforgettable experience within me. As this experience unfolded, I entered into the closest communion I have ever felt with my own self.  I felt weightless and completely at one with a rapture within. This experience lifted me to such a place of stillness, it literally took my breath away...I mean something very, very exquisite. This may sound exaggerated but believe me it ain't !! I lay captivated and able to bathe in the beauty of this awareness for a considerable time.


Mick's gift is his ability to feel such love and care for each person.

He feels instinctive empathy and his hands hold a healing love. 

I would recommend a healing tantra session for anyone who feels they have reached a point in life where some tender loving care is needed. Mick has integrity and maturity and I guarantee you will blossom from this experience.


Love to you,




  • Mick Sawtell is a rare individual who combines good common sense with an ability to bring out the visionary aspects of his clients. His many years of experience have endowed him with a deep understanding of human nature and his sensitivity to and for people is a great gift for us all. He is the kind of person one could trust implicitly and his enormous generosity is not only of the spirit but also practical! I am indeed blessed to have him as a dear friend.


Patsy Brennan,

Loving Relationships Trainer