A few years ago, I was on the verge of separating from my husband. We tried couple's counselling but it only seemed to entrench us further into our respective resentments towards each other. The lack of intimacy & touch in my marriage led me to explore many forms of healing therapy. Finally I decided to explore Tantra.


I am a solicitor and when I went to meet Mick for a coffee to see if he was the right person for this sacred work, I was in full solicitor mode firing questions at him as if he was a hostile witness in the witness box but within minutes I realised that I didn't need to. I felt instantly a peace in his presence and found him to be both open and honest, while not holding himself up to be some sort of Guru. This is important as this type of work is much more a collaboration between the facilitator and the client.

My intentions were twofold - firstly to try to heal my marriage and if this didn't work, at least I could leave it safe in the knowledge that I had tried everything to save our family. My second intention was to be able to love myself and my body again after years of feeling unloved and rejected by my husband; my self esteem was in negative equity.

At my first session I got in touch with all the grief that i had been carrying around but surpressing. The relief I felt at allowing myself to feel and express this grief was enormous, unlike counselling where I would cringe, while sqeezing out a few tears. With Mick, I got to have all the pain I felt in my heart and soul soothed away by a man who has such a beautiful, gentle yet erotic touch. All of that pain felt washed away by the sexual energy which was activated in me. It was such a powerful experience to be lovingly & expertly brought to orgasm by a man who wasn't fazed by the array of emotions that were flowing through me. He just allowed me to be me. I felt really held, both physically and emotionally.

Something magical happens in these sessions. I get to feel topped up with love and sexual energy, while releasing any grief, sadness or anger I am feeling and then when I go home, my husband is somehow more open and sensitive to me and my needs. I have recently resumed intimacy again with my husband, something that had I considered impossible especially after five years! I am commited to building on this HUGE breakthrough and realising my second intention of being at peace with my body.

I know of no other healing modality that can heal in such a powerful & simple way.

Mick is the only practioner I know of who I would fully recommend any woman to go to. He has a huge heart and his touch has such loving intent behind it. No matter what words I use here to describe my experience in our sessions, they will inevitably fall short of how I feel. I feel lucky and blessed to have experienced such powerful healing from the wounds of my marriage and my old childhood traumas. I still feel in a state of grace at having been touched with such loving intent.

THANK YOU Mick, you are a rare find. As I am writing this, I can feel the tears of gratitude building in me. You have saved, not only my marriage but my family unit, which I valued too much to walk away from, even in the bleak times. My children have been spared the pain of separation and are also getting their fun loving mother back as I reconnect to my true self.


I had reached a point in my life when I knew something just wasn't quite right. I needed to reconnect with myself but didn't know how.
When I came upon Micks website and read the testimonials and his own personal journey I felt tantra might be right for me. 
On meeting Mick he listened patiently (apparently I had a lot to say)I felt totally at ease and safe in his company. His tender touch, meditation and breathing exercises helped me find my way back to me.  Turns out it was me  I was lonely for afterall. I felt a beautiful sense of calm that I hadn't experienced in a very long time. Now when I breathe I feel the energy flowing through me. I have started this journey it's only the beginning there's no going back. 
Thank you Mick for offering this healing to others but most of all for helping me to open my heart. 

Marie x

I had been considering Tantra for a while, but I wasn't completely sure whether to go for it as i had a bit of prejudice & concern towards it. Especially when it came to letting a man get so close to my body. After researching a bit and meeting you in person, immediately I knew that you were the right soul for this experience.​

When we met for the actual session, I wasn't anxious anymore as you made me feel totally at ease, reassuring me and I felt there was no danger or awkwardness at all.


Then we connected as souls and hearts and the environment was so favourable for it. The soft music, the candles and the dim lights of your Tantra room were just perfect to put me at ease. Your words and touch were very gentle and I felt very respectful energy all through the session. I never felt violated or intruded, but rather I felt my heart and Chakras opening up gradually during the treatment.



Having recently experienced a remarkable tantra session with Mick, I can honestly say that I have no doubt he has a very special gift to share. He is comfortable within himself and as you settle down to commence the session, a sense of peace and healing surrounds you.


He encouraged me to engage in breathwork while he gently massaged me. This enabled me to trust in a somewhat simple process, which then produced such a profound and unforgettable experience within me. As this experience unfolded, I entered into the closest communion I have ever felt with my own self.  I felt weightless and completely at one with a rapture within. This experience lifted me to such a place of stillness, it literally took my breath away...I mean something very, very exquisite. This may sound exaggerated but believe me it ain't !! I lay captivated and able to bathe in the beauty of this awareness for a considerable time.


Mick's gift is his ability to feel such love and care for each person.

He feels instinctive empathy and his hands hold a healing love. 

I would recommend a healing tantra session for anyone who feels they have reached a point in life where some tender loving care is needed. Mick has integrity and maturity and I guarantee you will blossom from this experience.


Love to you




"Mick Sawtell is a rare individual who combines good common sense with an ability to bring out the visionary aspects of his clients. His many years of experience have endowed him with a deep understanding of human nature and his sensitivity to and for people is a great gift for us all. He is the kind of person one could trust implicitly and his enormous generosity is not only of the spirit but also practical! I am indeed blessed to have him as a dear friend."

Patsy Brennan

Loving Relationships Trainer

"I decided on tantra massage to help release sexual and relationships issues and Mick was recommended to me. I was nervous coming nearer to the session that I was choosing to be vulnerable (and possibly naked) with a man unknown to me. And though I had experienced some tantra was still a little wary. I messaged Mick and he rang me straight away and was so understanding I knew I could trust him. The session itself was magical. Got exactly what I wanted. And he helped me recognise the Goddess within me. The power of my divine feminine and empowerment. We were on a high after the session... I can't put into words what happened as it was on a high spiritual level. My life has changed so much since and I m allowing male energy into my life in a wonderfully positive and powerful way. Don't hesitate. Book with Mick today :) "

Tara King

Acupuncturist, Nurse, Reiki Master, Masseur