Healing Therapies Available

Tantric Counselling     -    €50 per hour

Maybe you'd like to spend an hour discussing Tantra and your issues

to help you decide if its the right way forward for you.

Tantric Massage   -   €70 per hour.

Each session lasts between 2-3 hours (maximum €150).
















Pelvic heart integration and breathwork -- A powerful technique for sexual healing

as taught by Deborah Anapol-- ( speaking in the clip below )

This therapy is also very effective in dealing with issues we have with our parents

€70 per hour.

Reiki ..

This can be a very effective and gentle healing for problems with  the genitals - especially when combined with open hearted sharing / counselling -

€70 per hour.

If you are struggling financially or are unemployed, please call me and we can negotiate downwards a little.


If you would rather work with a female therapist I would happily recommend one of my wonderful colleagues:

Abigail O'Donovan   Divine Ground Tantra - integratesexandspirit.com (Men Only)


Pavla Poulova - therapytouch.com